Your Next Great Innovation? Look To Your Existing Product Line First

Redesigning the Health-Care System – BusinessWeek.

Another excellent example of how great innovation doesn’t just come from “white space” exploration.  As is the case with most of Apple’s product introductions over the past decade, your next great innovation may be the result of delivering your existing products or services in a better way.

Sure, it’s cliche to discuss Apple’s incredibly successful track record of delivering existing products in creative, brilliant ways.  Regardless, this article presents analagous disconnects in the typical patient experience that present countless opportunities to dramatically improve the delivery of healthcare in the US.   Can you draw parallels to your business?  Are there “pain points” in your customers’ experiences as they interact with your products or services?  The answers to these questions do not require rocket science; rather, it may be as simple as really connecting with your customers to find out.  Ask yourself:

   1.  When was the last time you conducted research on your customer experience? 
  2. If you have conducted research, was it unbiased?  Be honest with yourself; sometimes it’s worth spending the money to get an external objective perspective on how your customers feel about your offerings.
  3.  Did you act on your research findings?  Or, did it just go in a vault, never integrated into your planning process.

Stay close to your customers.  Get to know them intimately – before your competition does.


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