Baby Planning Business is Booming: Is There A Lesson Here for You?

via openforum.comGreat article on AMEX’s OPEN Forum. This is yet another good example of how small, evolutionary improvements to products and services can create great consumer value. The changing lifestyles of today’s “new mom” has created a need for improvements to the most basic of baby products, like pacifiers, cribs, bottles, etc.

Have you improved your product offering recently? Here are a few basic questions to consider about your business:
– Has the recession changed attitudes toward your product or created new needs for your company’s products?
– Has the “green” movement created a product improvement opportunity for your products?
– Has the demographic profile of your buyers changed over the past 3 – 5 years, calling for a modification to your product or service?
– Have you brought a meaningful improvement to your products or services in the past 3 years? Product improvements, even modest ones, provide you with an opportunity to speak to your customers.

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