Advice on Doing Business in Africa

Excellent insights in this article, including information on the Biennial US-Africa Business Summit, which most recently took place in September of this year.  Below are a couple of the key questions asked to Stephen Hayes of the nonprofit trade group Corporate Council on Africa:

A lot of that negative publicity that you mentioned involves war, natural disaster, and governments steeped in corruption. Those don’t seem like ideal business conditions.

Well, the charge of corruption is valid in some countries. But you have to remember that there are disasters and corruption all over the world, including in South America and North America. That doesn’t preclude us doing business there.

Which African countries offer the most promise for business exchanges?

The best possibilities are in the southern half of the continent, countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius, and Namibia. Ghana has enormous potential in its ports, fisheries, and tourism, as does Botswana. Advice on Doing Business in Africa – BusinessWeek.


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