Knowing When Information is Important vs. Just “Noise”

It’s difficult to stay focused, especially with non-stop access to new business and personal information available through countless information sources and forms.  Admittedly, I love having constant access to new information and I think that this makes me a better businessman;  however, it’s critical that a business leader not allow the constant flow of new “news” to be a distraction to himself and his organization.  

As Carly Fiorina points out in the attached, successful leaders are those who can distill large amounts of information into a few meaningful actions. This keeps a business focused based on an understanding of what’s important and what’s just “noise”.  Organizations that can focus on executing just a few major initiatives  – no more than 3 to 5 – really well tend to deliver results.  Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Carly Fiorina, Former CEO, HP – The Importance of Selective Information.


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