Tide Basic: Opportunistic Innovation

Opportunistic, Evolutionary Innovation

Opportunistic, Evolutionary Innovation

As a former brand manager I can appreciate this line extension for Tide brand.  This product is not “sexy” and not destined to win any innovation awards any time soon.   Nonetheless, this product is innovation, albeit evolutionary – not revolutionary.  P&G was wise to re-purpose an existing product to better match the needs of their more price-sensitive consumers during this economic downturn.  Also, it’s likely that they acquired some new consumers with this effort, perhaps habitual private label consumers and branded switchers.  I’d categorize this as a simple marketing innovation: modifying an existing product to opportunistically drive near term sales.  That’s the reality of leading a brand for a publicly traded company!  See what others have to say on Business Exchange, but whats your perspective?   Is Tide Basic an Innovation? – Business Exchange.


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