Capturing Internal Ideas to Fuel Innovation

bread_topI’ve worked for several innovation-driven firms like Johnson & Johnson and Kimberly-Clark.  In my experience, the best business building ideas typically come from inside the company, however, I’ve not encountered a company that does a good job of: 1) systematically collecting internal ideas; 2) evaluating them for fit and feasibility, and; 3) delivering a go/no-go decision on moving forward.  Although it’s well documented that some companies, such as the famous innovation-house 3M, do a good job of this, why is it that so few do especially when new products are so important to a company’s long-term survival?  More commonly, a brand manager holds a formal ideation session as part of the strategic planning process, typically led by an outside firm that specializes in new product development (such as mine :-)).  Attached is an article on the Great Harvest Bread Company which actively encourages, and provides a forum for, cross-communication of business building ideas across franchisees. Zen and the Art of the Self-Managing Company, Corporate Culture Article – Inc. Article.


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