An Entrepreneur Class in China?

Jinan, ChinaAs an entrepreneur, and having done a good amount of business in China, I was curious whether China had a well-organized entrepreneurial class given the communist government.  An interesting article in Forbes attached; it’s not surprising, however, that since the government’s strength is driven, in part, by China’s commercial power that it directly supports entrepreneurism in various ways, including the university system.  Thoughts? Building China’s NextGen Entrepreneurs –


One response to “An Entrepreneur Class in China?

  1. Adriano Allegrini

    I wonder if someone has studied “global entrepreneurism” and what does it take for innovation to convert into entrepreneurship.
    Having worked in different countries, one would note the different approaches to risk taking and innovation. It is also of note how much local regulations can help or hinder the conversion of innovation into entrepreneurism.
    As an example, contrast Brazil and The Netherlands:
    Brazil has a notoriously creative population however this creativity tends not to express itself as entrepreneurism. Probably this is due to the local (business) environment not being conducive to risk taking and entrepreneurship. The informal economy is another data point that supports this view, as (in this case) innovation expresses itself as entrepreneurship, provided that the structural barriers are not present.
    Netherlands presents a good contrast to the Brazilian example: while not necessarily known for their creativity, the Dutch are known for their enterprising spirit. A legal system, a banking system and a government that have historically supported the private enterprise is probably a good reason.
    If someone stumbles upon any good article or book on this, please send in my direction

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