Outsourcing: An Example of Innovation?

map_india1I’ve been using Elance (www.elance.com) to outsource a fair amount of my less enjoyable tasks lately.  For my search engine optimization (SEO) needs, I have a guy in California, whose team is largely based in New Delhi, India.  I have an administrative assistant – virutually – who is also based in India.  This is making me much more efficient and serves as a business multiplier for me; allowing me to produce the output of a much larger organization.  Really cool stuff. 

Outsourcing professional/admin assignments may not be on the top of the list of most-cited examples of innovation – but it is.  Think about how much more efficient an entrepreneur can be by outsourcing work to anywhere in the world.  This can, and in many, many cases, has transformed many wanna-be entrepreneurs into viable enterprises.  Think about it and share your thoughts and experiences.


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